Dr. Tanya Hart

Dr. Tanya Hart is an associate professor of history at Pepperdine University. Her areas of expertise are multicultural US women’s history, African American studies, the histories of public health and medicine in United States, races and racism, and migration studies, all with an overarching emphasis on identity formation. Her first book, Health in the City: Race, Poverty and the Negotiation of Women’s Health in New York City, 1915-1930, compares racially gendered infant and maternal health care programs created for impoverished African American, British West Indian, and Southern Italian women in early 20th century New York.  She has also published on African American mothers and health care, a short story on intersections of gender and race in children, and an analysis of Langston Hughes’ children’s poetry.  

Her ongoing research projects include reinterpreting “The Curse of Ham,” the Biblical postdiluvian story of Noah and his sons which was misinterpreted in the United States to justify slavery and segregation, through lenses of gender and the centrality of women’s bodies to systems of slavery and segregation; retracing the careers of Madame C.J. Walk and Annie Turnbo Malone, the two most successful early 20th century entrepreneurs in the African American beauty business through the lenses of science and technology; an analysis of Los Angeles area African American women in churches of Christ on their attitudes toward racial and gendered inequalities within the church; creating a national oral history online database for women members of churches of Christ; and a book project which examines cancer as metaphor and reality within medical, political and popular discourses during the early national and antebellum periods of the United States.  Dr. Hart is a Christian and worships at the Conejo Valley Church of Christ in Thousand Oaks, California.



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