Southside Singers

The Southside Singers are an Acappella Gospel ensemble that has been in existence for more than thirty years. They reside at the Southside Church of Christ in Rogersville, AL under the leadership of Bro. Freeman Malone, Jr. and have traveled throughout the brotherhood spreading the message of Jesus to man, woman, boy and girl. The group consists of several songwriters and producers in their own right, and together this faction has released several projects throughout their three decade tenure. Their latest album is entitled Southside Singers and Friends which features various well-known Acappella music artists.

The Southside Singers have experienced a variety of lineup changes over the years where many have contributed to the group’s success and longevity. Former members such as Chris Turner, Lethaniel Garner, Fitzgerald Bailey, Gloria Watkins and Kristie Bailey were notable members in their tenure and are now continuing in their own preaching, teaching and music ministries.

Enduring and persevering through such changes, the Southside Singers is presently a family ensemble. The group consists of the Malone brothers Bryant, Jerome, and John Sr. singing tenor, tenor, and bass respectively. John’s wife Virginia sings alto/tenor, and Jerome’s wife Tiffany sings soprano/ alto. There are also three cousins Cynthia Malone who sings alto/soprano and the Bailey brothers Greg and Shon who sing tenor (lead vocals, and soprano/alto). John “Pooh” Malone, son of John and Virginia sings bass/ percussion and lead vocals. Philip French (everybody’s little brother) has recently rejoined the group and adds percussion and lead vocals to round out the full range acappella sound.

The Southside Singers hope to bless and encourage many in their ministry through song with their God given talents.



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