Breakout Classes


Preaching Under the Influence, A Minister’s Struggle
Brandon Holt, LCDC (Houston, TX)

Substance use disorders ranging from opioids, amphetamines, hallucinogenics , inhalants, cocaine reside in corporate America, professional sports, school campuses, religious institutions, homes just to name a few. An estimate of 115 Americans die daily from Opioid misuse. The four main reasons people use mind altering substances are: 1. Curiosity, 2. To feel good, 3. To feel better, and 4. To do better. In this workshop, I will share valuable insights on recognizing signs and symptoms, intervention stragegies, treatment options, and my personal testimony to recovery.


Movies, Culture, Myth, and Me
Dr. Joi Carr (Pepperdine Unviersity)

Cinematic art is the most popular art form in the last one hundred years because it touches a deep part of the human psyche and emotional state of being. Movies reflect aspects of American culture/society, but also embody a determining refracting power that seeks to construct our personal lives. Our shared assumptions about our reality, and the people in it, are passed down from generation to generation and classical Hollywood narrative helps concretize these controlling social narratives—that tell us how we “should” perceive ourselves and others in the world. This session will explore tangible practices toward disrupting controlling cultural myths that often drive our motivation, personal behavior, and desires. We will ask, how can we develop devotional lives that strengthen us toward becoming free—as Jesus calls us by the Holy Spirit?


Diverse, Adoptive, and Mixed-Race Families: How to Have “The Talk(s)”
Sarah Ballard (Pepperdine University)

How do you talk about diversity, difference, racism, and discrimination in a family context? This breakout session led by a communication professor, adoptive mother, and individual in an interracial marriage will offer humorous stories and practical guidelines for having discussion and conversation in your family about these difficult but highly important topics.


Code-Switching: One Man, Two Worlds
Curtis King, (Siburt Institute)

With an emphasis on intercultural experiences, this breakout class will discuss the age-old practice of reading and responding to one’s social environment inside and outside of church settings.


Putting it Together: Planning Meaningful Worship Experiences
Randy Gill (Nashville, TN)

This class will offer practical tools for planning worship services that are spiritually impacting and draw those in attendance into a deeper relationship with God.


Love, Camera, Role, Action
Tim Daniels (Houston, TX)

Love is the Seal of divine ownership, the Sustainer of human relationships, and the Sign to the world our discipleship. This session will explore “how love manifests itself in our daily living”. We will discover the sacrifice God made for us so that we might experience the gift of love through the four L’s. Drawing on how love locates, listens, lifts and liberates us daily.


Urban Ministry: Challenges and Strategies
Dennis Jaeger, Tim Sells, Carlos Inglés (Houston, TX)

Ministry in an urban context presents unique challenges that demand creative solutions. This panel discussion of leaders from Impact Church in Houston will share ideas from their own experiences ministering to people from a variety of demographics and socioeconomic backgrounds.