Brandon Holt

breakout class teacher

Nationally acclaimed minister, motivator and counselor, Brandon Holt, LCDC is a tour de force for our times. Dubbed “The People’s Preacher,” he came of age in the church in Arlington, Texas and answered the call to preach at 17. He attended Williams Barber College, Southwestern Christian College, and the Institute of Chemical Dependency studies. As a tireless advocate for change, Holt serves as minister of the Connect Church of Christ in Baytown, Texas where he preaches weekly, empowering people to discover their truth in the inspired Word of God. He is also doing critical work by changing lives as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in Houston. Passionate about helping those struggling with opioid id addiction and substance abuse, Holt has penned Preaching Under the Influence, A Minister’s Struggle, a compelling look at his personal journey of opioid addiction, his losses, lessons, and the grace of healing available to all. The book also shares many poignant memories of his struggle for social acceptance and his fight for an identity that he could grasp as a bi-racial youth in racially-torn America. The influential preacher thrives on meeting people where they are and offers hope, insights, and solutions to tackling your emotions and the strongholds that get in the way of being who God created you to be. A devoted husband and proud father, Brandon and his wife, Crystal, have three boys and one daughter. He lives by his favorite personal mantra,“live to win!”



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